DNA damage induced by endogenous aldehydes: current state of knowledge.

  title={DNA damage induced by endogenous aldehydes: current state of knowledge.},
  author={Georgia-Persephoni Voulgaridou and Ioannis Anestopoulos and Rodrigo Franco and Mihalis I. Panayiotidis and Aglaia Pappa},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={711 1-2},
DNA damage plays a major role in various pathophysiological conditions including carcinogenesis, aging, inflammation, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. Oxidative stress and cell processes such as lipid peroxidation and glycation induce the formation of highly reactive endogenous aldehydes that react directly with DNA, form aldehyde-derived DNA adducts and lead to DNA damage. In occasion of persistent conditions that influence the formation and accumulation of aldehyde-derived DNA adducts… CONTINUE READING
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