DNA-binding specificity of the cut repeats from the human cut-like protein.

  title={DNA-binding specificity of the cut repeats from the human cut-like protein.},
  author={R Harada and Ginette B{\'e}rub{\'e} and O J Tamplin and C Denis-Larose and Alain Nepveu},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={15 1},
The Drosophila Cut and mammalian Cut-like proteins contain, in addition to the homeodomain, three other DNA-binding regions called Cut repeats. Cut-like proteins, therefore, belong to a distinct class of homeodomain proteins with multiple DNA-binding domains. In this study, we assessed the DNA-binding specificity of the human Cut repeats by performing PCR-mediated random oligonucleotide selection with glutathione S-transferase fusion proteins. Cut repeat 1, Cut repeat 3, and Cut repeat 3 plus… CONTINUE READING

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