DNA-based identification of novel bovine casein gene variants.

  title={DNA-based identification of novel bovine casein gene variants.},
  author={J L Gallinat and Saber Qanbari and Cord Dr{\"o}gem{\"u}ller and Eduardo C. G. Pimentel and Georg Erwin Thaller and Jens Tetens},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={96 1},
In cattle, at least 39 variants of the 4 casein proteins (α(S1)-, β-, α(S2)- and κ-casein) have been described to date. Many of these variants are known to affect milk-production traits, cheese-processing properties, and the nutritive value of milk. They also provide valuable information for phylogenetic studies. So far, the majority of studies exploring the genetic variability of bovine caseins considered European taurine cattle breeds and were carried out at the protein level by… CONTINUE READING