DNA-aneuploidy in 46,XX hydatidiform moles.

  title={DNA-aneuploidy in 46,XX hydatidiform moles.},
  author={Lars O. Vejerslev and J\orgen K. Larsen and Ib Jarle Christensen and Niels Tommerup},
  journal={Cancer genetics and cytogenetics},
  volume={27 2},
The DNA content of single villous cell nuclei in 14 normal pregnancies and 21 androgenetic moles with a 46,XX karyotype was measured by flow cytometry. Six molar specimens showed a low mean DNA content close to that of normal villi, whereas, 15 specimens were characterized by a high mean DNA content due to a large fraction of nuclei in the triploid to tetraploid region. The latter group presumably corresponds to the previously described "type II" moles in which the DNA pattern resembled the… CONTINUE READING