DNA Oligonucleotide 3'-Phosphorylation by a DNA Enzyme.

  title={DNA Oligonucleotide 3'-Phosphorylation by a DNA Enzyme.},
  author={Alison J Camden and Shannon M. Walsh and Sarah H Suk and Scott K. Silverman},
  volume={55 18},
T4 polynucleotide kinase is widely used for 5'-phosphorylation of DNA and RNA oligonucleotide termini, but no natural protein enzyme is capable of 3'-phosphorylation. Here, we report the in vitro selection of deoxyribozymes (DNA enzymes) capable of DNA oligonucleotide 3'-phosphorylation, using a 5'-triphosphorylated RNA transcript (pppRNA) as the phosphoryl donor. The basis of selection was the capture, during each selection round, of the 3'-phosphorylated DNA substrate terminus by 2… CONTINUE READING


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