DNA Methylation as Surrogate Marker For Gastric Cancer

  title={DNA Methylation as Surrogate Marker For Gastric Cancer},
  author={Jung Hwan Oh and Sung-Hoon Jung and Seung-Jin Hong and M. G. Rhyu},
  booktitle={Journal of cancer prevention},
Stomach cancer remains, stubbornly, highly prevalent in East Asia. Still, stomach cancer has few biomarkers by which it can be predicted. Helicobacter pylori infection, a known carcinogen of stomach cancer, usually goes undetected prior to cancer diagnosis, due to the poor mucosal environments that its related gastric atrophy causes. We propose, herein, an endoscopic-biopsy-based cancer-predicting DNA methylation marker. We semi-quantitatively examined the methylation-variable sites near the… CONTINUE READING


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