DNA Cryptography for Secure Data Storage in Cloud

  title={DNA Cryptography for Secure Data Storage in Cloud},
  author={Sreeja Cherillath Sukumaran and Mohammed Misbahuddin},
  journal={Int. J. Netw. Secur.},
Cloud computing has revolutionized the way the data is stored, processed and made available. It has evolved in various forms of utility computing by sharing resources, infrastructures and data storage facilities and got wide acceptance because of its services and storage capacities. But security issues are a major concern in the cloud which is restricting its use among organizations which deals with sensitive data such as health care, Pharmaceuticals etc. and remain one of the greatest… 

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This proposed work focuses on improving BDEA, a two-way DNA encryption algorithm that can be used in a variety of applications such as security, banking, and medical purposes and the future job is to encrypt color images and videos to upload to the cloud.

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This paper is to propose a DNA based encryption algorithm it crops the data security in cloud storage to solve the challenge of protecting data in the cloud from malicious insiders and outsiders.

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The significant findings of this research reviewed that DNA digital coding is the most adopted cryptographic technique used to improve information security and the most common limitations of the DNA cryptographic approaches are high time complexity and algorithm complexity which is possible to infer from the literature.

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This paper proposes a new cloud scheme to enhance data security, thereby addressing the aforementioned issue whilst achieving a secure cloud storage service and dependability.

DNA-Based Cryptographic Method for the Internet of Things

A symmetric cryptography method based on DNA is proposed that consists in cutting the message to encrypt/decrypt in blocks of characters and use a symmetric key extracted from a chromosome for encryption and decryption.

VLSI Implementation of Image Encryption Using DNA Cryptography

  • P. VinothaD. Jose
  • Computer Science
    Intelligent Communication Technologies and Virtual Mobile Networks
  • 2019
A new technique of DNA cryptography provides high security based on DNA nucleotides bases A-Adenine, C-Cytosine, G-Guanine and T-Thymine, which provides keys of 256 combinations for high security, and it reduces the size of cipher text.

A Lightweight and Efficient Data Sharing Scheme for Cloud Computing

This paper proposes an efficient no-pairing and revocable ABE data sharing scheme based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for cloud storage systems and a comprehensive security and performance analysis shows that the scheme is both secure and efficient.

Implementation of New Secure Encryption Technique for Cloud Computing

  • N. MohammedNajla Ibrahim
  • Computer Science
    2019 International Conference on Computing and Information Science and Technology and Their Applications (ICCISTA)
  • 2019
Several levels of multi-coding levels were developed using more than one method to obtain more confidentiality through DNA encryption and adding a higher level of confidentiality by adding Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and then loading it into the cloud storage.

A Review of Recent Trends on DNA Based Cryptography

A synopsis of the research carried out in DNA based security presented in this paper and divergent techniques that proposed earlier based on random sample DNA, medical image encryption, image encryption and cryptanalysis done on various algorithms are discussed.

Secure Data Quiry Using Unique Hash Indexing Utilizing MAC Address in a Remote Data Storage

A novel model to provide a unique index using SHA-256 Hashing and to utilize the uniqueness of MAC address to produce a unique MAC-HASH with no collision and minimal processing time is proposed.



DNA for information security: A Survey on DNA computing and a pseudo DNA method based on central dogma of molecular biology

A DNA symmetric algorithm based on the Pseudo DNA Cryptography and Central dogma of molecular biology is proposed which uses splicing and padding techniques along with complementary rules which make the algorithm more secure as it is an additional layer of security than conventional cryptographic techniques.

Securing Portable Document Format File Using Extended Visual Cryptography to Protect Cloud Data Storage

The Securing Portable Document Format file Using Extended Visual Cryptography (SPDFUEVC) technique proposes efficient storage to achieve data confidentiality and integrity verification with minimal computation, time complexity and storage space.

Inspired Pseudo Biotic DNA Based Cryptographic Mechanism Against Adaptive Cryptographic Attacks

This Biotic Pseudo DNA cryptography method is based upon the genetic information on biological systems and is powerful against brute force attack and chosen cipher text attacks, but also it is very efficient in storage, computation as well as transmission.

Data Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing

This study is to review different security techniques and challenges from both software and hardware aspects for protecting data in the cloud and aims at enhancing the data security and privacy protection for the trustworthy cloud environment.

A Policy-based De-duplication Mechanism for Securing Cloud Storage

A policy-based de-duplication architecture is proposed, using the mechanism of security proxy (SP) and random storage, which separate storage services and security services to ensure the security of user data and improve the system effciency at the same time.

Survey on Security Issues in Cloud Computing and Associated Mitigation Techniques

This extensive survey paper aims to elaborate and analyze the numerous unresolved issues threatening the cloud computing adoption and diffusion affecting the various stake-holders associated with it.

A Secure Image-Based Authentication Scheme Employing DNA Crypto and Steganography

This paper proposes a novel two-way secure authentication scheme using DNA cryptography and steganography considering both security and usability and uses text and image password to authenticate legitimate user.

A Secure and Efficient Image Encryption Algorithm Based on DNA Coding and Spatiotemporal Chaos

In this paper, an image encryption algorithm based on DNA random coding and random operation combined with chaotic map is proposed and ability to resist typical attacks is demonstrated.

Achieving Collaborative Cloud Data Storage by Key-Escrow-Free Multi-Authority CP-ABE Scheme with Dual-Revocation

Compared with the existing MA-CP-ABE schemes, the proposed scheme is the most suitable one to enable data access control for collaborative cloud storage systems and the security and performance analysis indicates that the scheme is more secure and reasonably efficient to be applied to practical scenarios as collaborative cloudstorage systems.

Accountability in Cloud Computing by Means of Chain of Trust

This paper utilizes basic functionality provided by Trusted Computing Group (TCG) in form of chain of trust (CoT) by securely recording identities (of entities) and proposes a solution that modifies existing chain oftrust to build accountable cloud computing.