DNA Barcoding the Native Flowering Plants and Conifers of Wales

  title={DNA Barcoding the Native Flowering Plants and Conifers of Wales},
  author={Natasha de Vere and Tim C. G. Rich and Col R. Ford and Sarah A. Trinder and Charlotte Long and Chris Moore and Danielle Satterthwaite and H. Davies and Joel Allainguillaume and Sandra Ronca and Tatiana V Tatarinova and Hannah Garbett and Kevin Walker and Mike J Wilkinson},
  booktitle={PloS one},
We present the first national DNA barcode resource that covers the native flowering plants and conifers for the nation of Wales (1143 species). Using the plant DNA barcode markers rbcL and matK, we have assembled 97.7% coverage for rbcL, 90.2% for matK, and a dual-locus barcode for 89.7% of the native Welsh flora. We have sampled multiple individuals for each species, resulting in 3304 rbcL and 2419 matK sequences. The majority of our samples (85%) are from DNA extracted from herbarium… CONTINUE READING