DNA Barcoding of Philippine Herbal Medicinal Products.


The Philippine government established the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act in 1997 to promote traditionally used herbal products and to provide an effective yet affordable alternative to conventional medicines. However, government regulation of herbal medicinal products (HMPs) is not stringent, relying only on submitted quality data from the… (More)
DOI: 10.5740/jaoacint.16-0185


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@article{Pedales2016DNABO, title={DNA Barcoding of Philippine Herbal Medicinal Products.}, author={Ronniel D Pedales and Amor M Damatac and Carlo A Limbo and Cielo Mae D Marquez and Anna Isabel B Navarro and Jeanmaire Molina}, journal={Journal of AOAC International}, year={2016}, volume={99 6}, pages={1479-1489} }