DIVINEMAN: A System for Easing Management of Broadband Wireless Access Networks


Technical advances and the commoditzation of wireless equipment have boosted the business volume of commercial Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) around the world. It is more and more common for WISPs to deploy networks exclusively based on wireless technologies both for the backbone links and for the “last mile” access; wireless access can now be considered a valid low-cost alternative to traditional copper or fibre-based solutions. While wireless links have major advantages over their wired counterparts in terms of cost and time-to-market, they pose major challenges for network planning and management. Along with the traditional configuration tasks, the network administrator has to cope with new problems such as frequency planning, routing over time-varying channels and the difficulties of in-band management of remote devices. Such difficulties are exacerbated in community-driven deployments with greater likelihood of device heterogeneity and lack of trained on-site personnel, stressing the need for a simplified management scheme. We propose DIstributed and VIsual NEtwork MANagement (DIVINEMAN) system to ease the task of managing WISP network infrastructures, with a particular focus on rural scenarios where the availability of IT infrastructure and services is poor. Next section describes the network model under consideration. Section III reviews most common network management approaches and protocols with the intent of analyzing the reasons behind their wide adoption and identifying their limitations. We then outline our proposed approach in Section IV.

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