DITC-direct instantaneous torque control of switched reluctance drives

  title={DITC-direct instantaneous torque control of switched reluctance drives},
  author={R. B. Inderka and R. W. de Doncker},
  journal={Conference Record of the 2002 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. 37th IAS Annual Meeting (Cat. No.02CH37344)},
  pages={1605-1609 vol.3}
This paper presents an on-line instantaneous torque control technique. The method comprises two novel aspects. Torque is estimated as a function of terminal quantities, i.e. flux linkage and phase current. Hence, the control algorithm is independent of the rotor position. Moreover, high bandwidth drive performance is obtained by implementing a digital torque hysteresis-controller. Thus, the method works without torque distribution functions or auxiliary phase commutating strategies. Therefore… CONTINUE READING
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