DISCO: a low-energy multipurpose beamline at synchrotron SOLEIL.

  title={DISCO: a low-energy multipurpose beamline at synchrotron SOLEIL.},
  author={A. Giuliani and F. Jamme and Val{\'e}rie Rouam and F. Wien and Jean-Luc Giorgetta and B. Lagarde and O. Chubar and S. Bac and I. Yao and Sol{\`e}ne Rey and C. Herbeaux and J. Marlats and D. Zerbib and F. Polack and M. R{\'e}fr{\'e}giers},
  journal={Journal of synchrotron radiation},
  volume={16 Pt 6},
DISCO, a novel low-energy beamline covering the spectrum range from the VUV to the visible, has received its first photons at the French synchrotron SOLEIL. In this article the DISCO design and concept of three experimental stations serving research communities in biology and chemistry are described. Emphasis has been put on high flux generation and preservation of polarization at variable energy resolutions. The three experiments include a completely new approach for microscopy and atmospheric… Expand
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