DIFFRACTION PATTERNS? Shifting Gender Norms in Biology and Technology

  title={DIFFRACTION PATTERNS? Shifting Gender Norms in Biology and Technology},
  author={Waltraud Ernst and Ilona Horwath},
Technikverhältnisse: Methoden feministischer Technikforschung
Feministische Technikforschung untersucht die Verwobenheit von Geschlechterverhaltnissen mit technologischer Forschung und Entwicklung. Ihre aktuelle Geschichte beginnt im Zusammenhang der sog.
Emancipatory Interferences with Machines
Powerful entanglements and meanings of difference between machines and humans, designers and users, women and men become enacted in technical devices. Is there a potential for an emancipatory
Gender in Inventions and Innovations
The chapter first highlights the long history of how gender has become involved in the invention of the household appliances, for example washing machine. The complex relationships between household
Naturecultures of immunological principles: A discussion on the politics of the CLONALG algorithm from a feminist materialist perspective
The entangled politics of the CLONALG are illustrated as they figure in the naturecultures of immunological computational techniques as part of a consideration of the mutual inspiration between biology and AI as a process of materializing as world-making practices.