DGAs with polynomial homology

  title={DGAs with polynomial homology},
  author={Haldun Ozgur Bayindir},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Topology},
  • H. O. Bayindir
  • Published 4 November 2019
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Algebraic Topology
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Algebraic 𝐾-theory of 𝑇𝐻𝐻(𝔽_{𝕡})
The inline-formula content-type is studied as a graded spectrum with-algebras with an identification at the level of <inline-formulas content- type="math/mathml" xmlns:mml="http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML" alttext="upper E Subscript normal infinity").
Algebraic $K$-theory of $\text{THH}(\mathbb{F}_p)$
This work expands on some of the methods used by Hesselholt-Madsen and later by Speirs to develop certain tools to study the THH of graded ring spectra and the algebraic K-theory of formal DGAs.
Extension DGAs and THH
In this work, we study the DGAs that arise from ring spectra through the extension of scalars functor. In other words, the DGAs whose corresponding Eilenberg-Mac Lane ring spectrum is equivalent to


André–Quillen cohomology of commutative S-algebras
An algebraic model for commutative Hℤ–algebras
We show that the homotopy category of commutative algebra spectra over the Eilenberg-Mac Lane spectrum of the integers is equivalent to the homotopy category of E-infinity-monoids in unbounded chain
Topological equivalences for differential graded algebras
John PC Greenlees
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HZ -algebra spectra are differential graded algebras
We show that the homotopy theory of differential graded algebras coincides with the homotopy theory of HZ-algebra spectra. Namely, we construct Quillen equivalences between the Quillen model
A simple universal property of Thom ring spectra
We give a simple universal property of the multiplicative structure on the Thom spectrum of an n ‐fold loop map, obtained as a special case of a characterization of the algebra structure on the
Postnikov extensions of ring spectra
!P2R! P1R! P0R! in the homotopy category of ring spectra. The levels come equipped with compatible maps R! PnR, and the n‐th level is characterized by having i.PnR/D 0 for i > n, together with the
Coalgebras in the Dwyer-Kan localization of a model category
We show that weak monoidal Quillen equivalences induce equivalences of symmetric monoidal $\infty$-categories with respect to the Dwyer-Kan localization of the symmetric monoidal model categories.