DFSS 기법에 의한 운전자 체형을 고려한 인간공학적 차량설계의 연구

  title={DFSS 기법에 의한 운전자 체형을 고려한 인간공학적 차량설계의 연구},
  author={최태현 and 서상열 and 심준엽 and Wonsuk Jung},
The aim of this study is to suggest ergonomic vehicle design method through optimization of driver’s space about various driver body types (tall, middle, short). Recently, many drivers consistently demand ergonomic factors as well as driving performance when they choose their vehicle. So, there have been a lot of efforts to improve habitability and comfortability through optimizing vehicle interior in advanced design stage. The procedure of this study is as follows. (1)VOC: Driver’s needs of… CONTINUE READING

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