DFGC 2021: A DeepFake Game Competition

  title={DFGC 2021: A DeepFake Game Competition},
  author={Bo Peng and Hongxing Fan and Wei Wang and Jing Dong and Yuezun Li and Siwei Lyu and Qi Li and Zhenan Sun and Han Chen and Baoying Chen and Yanjie Hu and Shenghai Luo and Junrui Huang and Yutong Yao and Boyuan Liu and He-fei Ling and Guo-jing Zhang and Zhi-liang Xu and Changtao Miao and Changlei Lu and Shan He and Xiaoyu Wu and Wanyi Zhuang},
  journal={2021 IEEE International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB)},
This paper presents a summary of the DeepFake Game Competition (DFGC) 20211. DeepFake technology is developing fast, and realistic face-swaps are increasingly deceiving and hard to detect. At the same time, DeepFake detection methods are also improving. There is a two-party game between DeepFake creators and detectors. This competition provides a common platform for benchmarking the adversarial game between current state-of-the-art DeepFake creation and detection methods. In this paper, we… 

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