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While there is a large body of research on news values and news selection, most research does not clearly distinguish between the concept of news and news selection, on the one hand, and news values and criteria of newsworthiness on the other. These concepts are often treated as synonymous. This is problematic, as there may be many other factors aside from news values or criteria of newsworthiness that determine what becomes news, and as there may be differences between what journalists think… Expand
"We just write what we think is newsy": an analysis on newsworthiness constructions in Malaysian newspapers
Studies on newsworthiness have developed mainly into two ways of explaining how events become news. These approaches, which have been called object-driven and subject-driven news values, haveExpand
What Makes Party Messages Fit for Reporting? An Experimental Study of Journalistic News Selection
Studies on news values have provided many insights into what gets reported in the media. In this study we use the concept of news values to examine how journalists perceive the newsworthiness ofExpand
News Values in Audience-Oriented Journalism: Criteria, Angles, and Cues of Newsworthiness in the (Digital) Media Context
Newsworthiness can be studied from different perspectives. Firstly, news values can be seen as cognitive ‘cues’ on the basis of which journalists and audiences can assess the newsworthiness of anExpand
“A Nose for News”: From (News) Values to Valuation
“News values” - that is, the set of criteria that journalists use to assess newsworthiness - are a central concern for journalism studies. Since Galtung and Ruge’s seminal piece (1965), scholarshipExpand
Rethinking news values: What a discursive approach can tell us about the construction of news discourse and news photography
The study of news values/factors has a long and rich history in journalism and communications research. Conceptually, they encompass not only the newsworthy aspects of happenings or news actors butExpand
What is News?
The deceptively simple question “What is news?” remains pertinent even as we ponder the future of journalism in the digital age. This article examines news values within mainstream journalism andExpand
Perception of the Quality of News Reports by Editors and Journalists of All News and News/Talk Radio Stations
This article presents the results of the research in which the perception of the quality of journalistic texts by newsroom members of Russian all-news and news/talk radio stations were studied.Expand
A general pattern in the construction of economic newsworthiness? Analyzing news factors in popular, quality, regional, and financial newspapers
Journalists use news factors to construct newsworthy stories. This study investigates whether different types of news outlets emphasize different news factors. Using a large-scale manual contentExpand
Lawmaking and News Making: Different Worlds after all? A Study on News Coverage of Legislative Processes in the Netherlands
Over the last decades the importance of the media for understanding the functioning of democracy in the contemporary world has become evident. Yet despite the developing body of knowledge onExpand
Different actors, different factors? A comparison of the news factor orientation between newspaper journalists and civil-society actors
Abstract News factors can be conceptualized as general relevance indicators guiding the attention of all humans. However, that doesn’t mean that they are the only factors influencing selectionExpand


The Role of News Factors in News Selection: A Theoretical Reconsideration
An overview of American and European research on the concept of news factors in news selection shows some theoretical and methodological problems, which can be reduced to four dimensions. First, itExpand
This article explores the growth and character of breaking news on two 24-hour news channels in the United Kingdom, Sky News and BBC News 24. Our purpose is to examine, in detail, the nature and roleExpand
Deciding What's News: A Study of CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, Newsweek and Time
For ten years, Herbert J. Gans spent considerable time in four major television and magazine newsrooms, observing and talking to the journalists who choose the national news stories that informExpand
The Structure of Foreign News
Using a simplified psychology of perception and some additional assumptions, a system of twelve factors describing events is presented that together are used as a definition of 'newsworthiness'.Expand
What Is News? Galtung and Ruge revisited
This study aims to shed light on the news selection process by examining the news values currently operational in British newspapers. The study takes as its starting point Galtung and Ruge's widelyExpand
All the News That's Fit to Sell: How the Market Transforms Information into News
Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 Chapter 1 Economic Theories of News 7 Chapter 2 A Market for Press Independence: The Evolution of Nonpartisan Newspapers in the Nineteenth Century 37 Chapter 3 NewsExpand
The Elements of Journalism: What Newspeople Should Know and the Public Should Expect
The Elements of Journalism: What Newspeople Should Know and the Public Should Expect. Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel. New York: Crown Publishers, 2001. 205 pp. $20 hbk. Inherent in the behavior andExpand
Using in-depth interviews, newsroom observation, and internal documents, this case study presents and analyses changes that have taken place at Finnish financial daily Taloussanomat since it stoppedExpand
Market-Driven Journalism: Let the Citizen Beware?
Introduction The Rise of Market-Driven Journalism The Nature of News Reconsidered Environmental Influences on News Production How Culture, Technology, and Laws and Regulations Shape News Finding theExpand
In Search of a Standard: four models of democracy and their normative implications for journalism
Abstract The literature discussing the impact of media and journalism upon democracy, typically criticizes both media and journalism for their content and their negative effects on some aspects ofExpand