DESAlert: Enabling Real-Time Transient Follow-Up with Dark Energy Survey Data

  title={DESAlert: Enabling Real-Time Transient Follow-Up with Dark Energy Survey Data},
  author={Adriano Poci and Kyler William Kuehn and T. D. Abbott and Filipe B. Abdalla and Sahar S. Allam and Anne H. Bauer and A. Benoit-levy and Emmanuel Bertin and David Brooks and Peter J. Brown and E. Buckleygeer and David L. Burke and Aurelio Carnero Rosell and M. Carrasco Kind and Ricardo Alberto Covarrubias and Luiz Nicolaci da Costa and Christopher Dandrea and Darren Lee Depoy and Shantanu Desai and Joerg P. Dietrich and Carlos Cunha and Tim F. Eifler and Juan Estrada and August E. Evrard and Angelo Fausti Neto and David A. Finley and Brenna L. Flaugher and Pablo Fosalba and J. A. Frieman and David W. Gerdes and Daniel Gruen and Robert Gruendl and Klaus Honscheid and David J. James and N. Kuropatkin and Ofer Lahav and Tianjun Li and Marina March and John Le Marshall and K. W. Merritt and Christopher J. Miller and Robert C. Nichol and Brian D. Nord and R. L. C. Ogando and Andr'es A. Plazas and A. Kathy Romer and Aaron J. Roodman and Eli S. Rykoff and Masao Javier L{\'o}pez Sako and Erick S{\'a}nchez and Victor E. Scarpine and Michael Schubnell and Ignacio Sevilla and Colin George Smith and M. Soares-santos and Fl{\'a}via Sobreira and Eric Suchyta and Molly E. C. Swanson and Gregory Tarl{\'e} and Jon J. Thaler and Rollin C. Thomas and Douglas Lee Tucker and Alistair R. Walker and William Carl Wester},
  journal={Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia},
  • Adriano Poci, Kyler William Kuehn, +61 authors William Carl Wester
  • Published 2016
  • Physics
  • Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia
  • The Dark Energy Survey is undertaking an observational programme imaging 1/4 of the southern hemisphere sky with unprecedented photometric accuracy. In the process of observing millions of faint stars and galaxies to constrain the parameters of the dark energy equation of state, the Dark Energy Survey will obtain pre-discovery images of the regions surrounding an estimated 100 gamma-ray bursts over 5 yr. Once gamma-ray bursts are detected by, e.g., the Swift satellite, the DES data will be… CONTINUE READING
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