DEMOCRACY AND DICHOTOMIES: A Pragmatic Approach to Choices about Concepts

  title={DEMOCRACY AND DICHOTOMIES: A Pragmatic Approach to Choices about Concepts},
  author={D. Collier and Robert Adcock},
  journal={Annual Review of Political Science},
▪ Abstract Prominent scholars engaged in comparative research on democratic regimes are in sharp disagreement over the choice between a dichotomous or graded approach to the distinction between democracy and nondemocracy. This choice is substantively important because it affects the findings of empirical research. It is methodologically important because it raises basic issues, faced by both qualitative and quantitative analysts, concerning appropriate standards for justifying choices about… Expand
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  • Oisín Tansey
  • Political Science
  • Review of International Studies
  • 2010
Conceptualizing and Measuring Democracy