DDT measured directly from Palos Verdes seawater.


DDT and PCB concentrations measured, for the first time, directly from the waters of the Palos Verdes Shelf, in southern California indicate that shelf sediments are a main source of water contamination, according to research published by Eddy Zeng and co-workers in the current issue of Environmental Science & Technology {ES&T 1999, 33(3), 392-398) The data are relevant to parties trying to decide what to do about sediments contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons at the county's largest DDT-contaminated site, off the coast of Los Angeles, Calif. Regulators and responsible parties involved with the site are divided over whether sediment contaminants are being remobilized and dispersed into the environment or are instead locked into the sediments and naturally attenuated (ES&T 1998 32(15) 360A-363A).

DOI: 10.1021/es9926562

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@article{Renner1999DDTMD, title={DDT measured directly from Palos Verdes seawater.}, author={Rebecca Renner}, journal={Environmental science & technology}, year={1999}, volume={33 3}, pages={60A} }