DBTech EXT: Education and Hands-On Training for the Database Professional


In this presentation the audience will be: (a) introduced to the aims and objectives of the DBTechNet initiative, (b) briefed on the DBTech EXT virtual laboratory workshops (VLW), i.e. the educational and training (E&T) content which is freely available over the internet and includes vendor-neutral hands-on laboratory training sessions on key database technology topics, and (c) informed on some of the practical problems encountered and the way they have been addressed. Last but not least, the audience will be invited to consider incorporating some or all of the DBTech EXT VLW content into their HE, VET, and/or lifelong learning/training type course curricula. This will come at no cost and no commitment on behalf of the teacher/trainer; the latter is only expected to provide his/her feedback on the pedagogical value and the quality of the E&T content received/used.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-15576-5_3

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