DBA/2J mouse model for experimental glaucoma: pitfalls and problems.

  title={DBA/2J mouse model for experimental glaucoma: pitfalls and problems.},
  author={Anita J Turner and Roshana Vander Wall and V. Gupta and Alex Klistorner and Stuart L. Graham},
  journal={Clinical & experimental ophthalmology},
  volume={45 9},
BACKGROUND The DBA/2J mouse has been described as a model for congenital experimental glaucoma. It develops anterior segment anomalies with synechiae and pigment dispersion leading to raised intraocular pressure and glaucomatous damage. However, there are serious practical considerations when using this model in longitudinal studies. METHODS We followed 118 mice from 12-48 weeks of age in a pharmaceutical trial. Here we report on the findings in control animals (n = 37). Intraocular pressure… CONTINUE READING


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