DAZL binds to 3′UTR of Tex19.1 mRNAs and regulates Tex19.1 expression

  title={DAZL binds to 3′UTR of Tex19.1 mRNAs and regulates Tex19.1 expression},
  author={Mei Zeng and Yilu Lu and Xiaolin Liao and Dan Li and Huaqin Sun and Suhua Liang and Sizhong Zhang and Yongxin Ma and Zhirong Yang},
  journal={Molecular Biology Reports},
Spermatogenesis is a complex process subject to strict controls at both levels of transcription and translation. It has been proposed that DAZL protein binds to RNA in the cytoplasm of germ cells and controls spermatogenesis. In male mice, loss of Dazl results in numerous defects throughout the mitotic and meiotic process of germ cell development. Tex19.1 also plays an important role during spermatogenesis and Tex19.1−/− knockout males exhibit impaired spermatogenesis. Mouse DAZL protein can… CONTINUE READING

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