DASMI: exchanging, annotating and assessing molecular interaction data

  title={DASMI: exchanging, annotating and assessing molecular interaction data},
  author={Hagen Blankenburg and Robert D. Finn and Andreas Prli{\'c} and Andrew M. Jenkinson and Fidel Ram{\'i}rez and Dorothea Emig and Sven-Eric Schelhorn and Joachim B{\"u}ch and Thomas Lengauer and Mario Albrecht},
MOTIVATION Ever increasing amounts of biological interaction data are being accumulated worldwide, but they are currently not readily accessible to the biologist at a single site. New techniques are required for retrieving, sharing and presenting data spread over the Internet. RESULTS We introduce the DASMI system for the dynamic exchange, annotation and assessment of molecular interaction data. DASMI is based on the widely used Distributed Annotation System (DAS) and consists of a data… CONTINUE READING


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