DART: Directed Automated Random Testing

  title={DART: Directed Automated Random Testing},
  author={Koushik Sen},
  booktitle={Haifa Verification Conference},
  • Koushik Sen
  • Published in Haifa Verification Conference 2009
  • Computer Science
Testing with manually generated test cases is the primary technique used in industry to improve reliability of software-in fact, such testing is reported to account for over half of the typical cost of software development. I will describe directed automated random testing (also known as concolic testing), an efficient approach which combines random and symbolic testing. Concolic testing enables automatic and systematic testing of programs, avoids redundant test cases and does not generate… Expand

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The results of the review show that significant research efforts have been made towards the field of ART, however further empirical studies are still required to make the technique applicable in different test scenarios in order to impact on the industry. Expand


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