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DANTON: a Monte-Carlo sampler of $\tau$ from $\nu_\tau$ interacting with the Earth

  title={DANTON: a Monte-Carlo sampler of \$\tau\$ from \$\nu\_\tau\$ interacting with the Earth},
  author={Valentin Niess and Olivier Martineau-Huynh},
  journal={arXiv: Computational Physics},
A preliminary version (v0.2.1) of the DANTON Monte-Carlo package is presented. DANTON allows the exclusive sampling of (decaying) $\tau$ generated by $\nu_\tau$ interactions with the Earth. The particles interactions with matter are simulated in detail, including transverse scattering. Detailed topography data of the Earth can be used as well. Yet, high Monte-Carlo efficiency is achieved by using a Backward Monte-Carlo technique. Some validation results are provided. 
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