D-repeat in the XIST gene is required for X chromosome inactivation.

  title={D-repeat in the XIST gene is required for X chromosome inactivation.},
  author={Qingyan Lv and Lin Yuan and Yuning Song and Tingting Sui and Zhanjun Li and Liangxue Lai},
  journal={RNA biology},
  volume={13 2},
XIST is a long non-coding RNA, which expressed exclusively from the inactive X chromosome. Although it has been revealed that the A-repeat contributes to the X chromosome inactivation (X-inactivation), the role of the longest D-repeat has not yet been investigated. Here, a sgRNA directed CRISPR/Cas9 system which have multiple target sites within repeat D of XIST, were used to generate D-repeat deletion and studied its roles on X-inactivation. The results showed that the deletion of D-repeat… CONTINUE READING