D-penicillamine in the treatment of localized scleroderma.

  title={D-penicillamine in the treatment of localized scleroderma.},
  author={Vincent J Falanga and Thomas A Jr Medsger},
  journal={Archives of dermatology},
  volume={126 5},
Localized scleroderma has no recognized internal organ involvement but may be disfiguring and disabling when the cutaneous lesions are extensive or affect children. There is no accepted or proven treatment for localized scleroderma. Case reports of 11 patients with severe, extensive localized scleroderma who were treated with D-penicillamine are summarized in this article. This drug was judged to have a favorable effect on the disease course in 7 (64%) of 11 patients. Improvement began within 3… CONTINUE READING


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