D-modules on 1|1 supercurves

  title={D-modules on 1|1 supercurves},
  author={Mitchell J. Rothstein and Jeffrey M. Rabin},
  journal={Journal of Geometry and Physics},
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The supermoduli space of genus zero SUSY curves with Ramond punctures

We give an explicit construction of the supermoduli space $\mathfrak{M}_{0, n_R}$ of super Riemann surfaces (SUSY curves) of genus zero with $n_R \ge 4$ Ramond punctures as a quotient Deligne-Mumford

Geometry of Dual Pairs of Complex Supercurves

Supercurves are a generalization to supergeometry of Riemann surfaces or algebraic curves. I review the definitions, examples, key results, and open problems in this area.

On the Geometry of Super Riemann Surfaces

Super Riemann surfaces-1|1 complex supermanifolds with a SUSY-1 structure- 4 furnish a rich field of study in algebraic supergeometry.

Notes on super Riemann surfaces and their moduli

  • E. Witten
  • Mathematics
    Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly
  • 2019
These are notes on the theory of super Riemann surfaces and their moduli spaces, aiming to collect results that are useful for a better understanding of superstring perturbation theory in the RNS



Line bundles on super Riemann surfaces

We give the elements of a theory of line bundles, their classification, and their connections on super Riemann surfaces. There are several salient departures from the classical case. For example, the

On Decomposing N=2 Line Bundles as Tensor Products of N=1 Line Bundles

We obtain the existence of a cohomological obstruction to expressing N=2 line bundles as tensor products of N=1 bundles. The motivation behind this paper is an attempt at understanding the N=2 super

Supermoduli spaces

The connection between different supermoduli spaces is studied. It is shown that the coincidence of the moduli space of (1/1) dimensional complex manifolds andN=2 superconformal moduli space is

Geometry of superconformal manifolds

The main facts about complex curves are generalized to superconformal manifolds. The results thus obtained are relevant to the fermion string theory and, in particular, they are useful for

Algebraic D-modules

Presented here are recent developments in the algebraic theory of D-modules. The book contains an exposition of the basic notions and operations of D-modules, of special features of coherent,

Supercurves, their Jacobians, and super KP equations

We study the geometry and cohomology of algebraic super curves, using a new contour integral for holomorphic differentials. For a class of super curves (``generic SKP curves'') we define a period

Duality between D(X) and with its application to picard sheaves

  • S. Mukai
  • Mathematics
    Nagoya Mathematical Journal
  • 1981
As is well known, for a real vector space V, the Fourier transformation gives an isometry between L 2(V) and L 2(V v), where V v is the dual vector space of V and < , >: V×V v → R is the canonical

Analytic D-Modules and Applications

Series Editor's Preface. Preface. Introduction. I: The Sheaf x and its Modules. II: Operations on D-Modules. III: Holonomic D-Modules. IV: Deligne Modules. V: Regular Holonomic D-Modules. VI:

Notes on String Theory and Two Dimensional Conformal Field Theory

These lecture notes cover topics in the covariant first quanti1ation of supersymmetric string: super Riemann surlaces, superconformal quantum field theory in two dimensions, the superconformal world

Super Riemann surfaces: Uniformization and Teichmüller theory

Teichmüller theory for super Riemann surfaces is rigorously developed using the supermanifold theory of Rogers. In the case of trivial topology in the soul directions, relevant for superstring