• Physics
  • Published 2013

D ependence ofnuclear binding on hadronic m ass variation

  title={D ependence ofnuclear binding on hadronic m ass variation},
  author={Victor V. Flambaum and R. B. W iringa},
W e exam ine how the binding oflight(A � 8)nucleidependson possiblevariationsofhadronic m asses,including m eson,nucleon,and nucleon-resonance m asses. Sm allvariations in hadronic m asses m ay have occurred over tim e;the presentresults can help evaluate the consequences for big bang nucleosynthesis. Larger variations m ay be relevant to current attem pts to extrapolate properties ofnucleon-nucleon interactions from lattice QCD calculations. Results are presented as derivatives ofthe energy… CONTINUE READING