D ec 2 00 8 Interlaced solitons and vortices in coupled DNLS lattices

  title={D ec 2 00 8 Interlaced solitons and vortices in coupled DNLS lattices},
  author={Javier Cuevas and Q. E. Hoq and Hendi Susanto and P. Kevrekidis},
In the present work, we propose a new set of coherent structures that arise in nonlinear dynamical lattices with more than one component, namely interlaced solitons. In the anti-continuum limit of uncoupled sites, these are waveforms whose one component has support where the other component does not. We illustrate systematically how one can combine dynamically stable unary patterns to create stable ones for the binary case of two-components. For the one-dimensional setting, we provide a… CONTINUE READING


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