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D ec 2 00 2 Euclidean Clifford Algebra

  title={D ec 2 00 2 Euclidean Clifford Algebra},
  author={V. V. Fernandez and A. Moya and W. A. Rodrigues},
Let V be a n-dimensional real vector space. In this paper we introduce the concept of euclidean Clifford algebra Cl(V,GE) for a given euclidean structure on V , i.e., a pair (V,GE) where GE is a euclidean metric for V (also called an euclidean scalar product). Our construction of Cl(V,GE) has been designed to produce a powerful computational tool. We start introducing the concept of multivectors over V . These objects are elements of a linear space over the real field, denoted by ∧ V. We… CONTINUE READING


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