D-branes in a big bang/big crunch universe: Misner space

  title={D-branes in a big bang/big crunch universe: Misner space},
  author={Yasuaki Hikida and Rashmi Rekha Nayak and Kamal Lochan Panigrahi},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We study D-branes in a two-dimensional lorentzian orbifold 1,1/Γ with a discrete boost Γ. This space is known as Misner or Milne space, and includes big crunch/big bang singularity. In this space, there are D0-branes in spiral orbits and D1-branes with or without flux on them. In particular, we observe imaginary parts of partition functions, and interpret them as the rates of open string pair creation for D0-branes and emission of winding closed strings for D1-branes. These phenomena occur due… 

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