D-brane instantons on the T**6 / Z(3) orientifold

  title={D-brane instantons on the T**6 / Z(3) orientifold},
  author={Massimo Bianchi and Francesco Fucito and Jos{\`e} Francisco Morales},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We give a detailed microscopic derivation of gauge and stringy instanton generated superpotentials for gauge theories living on D3-branes at Z_3-orientifold singularities. Gauge instantons are generated by D(-1)-branes and lead to Affleck, Dine and Seiberg (ADS) like superpotentials in the effective N=1 gauge theories with three generations of bifundamental and anti/symmetric matter. Stringy instanton effects are generated by Euclidean ED3-branes wrapping four-cycles on T^6/\Z_3. They give rise… Expand
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