D G ] 2 1 Se p 20 09 Principal 2-bundles and their gauge 2-groups

  title={D G ] 2 1 Se p 20 09 Principal 2-bundles and their gauge 2-groups},
  author={Christoph Wockel},
  • Christoph Wockel
  • Published 2009
In this paper we introduce principal 2-bundles and show how they are classified by non-abelian Čech cohomology. Moreover, we show that their gauge 2-groups can be described by 2-group-valued functors, much like in classical bundle theory. Using this, we show that, under some mild requirements, these gauge 2-groups possess a natural smooth structure. In the last section we provide some explicit examples. MSC: 55R65, 22E65, 81T13 

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