D Branes in String Theory, I

  title={D Branes in String Theory, I},
  author={Paolo Di Vecchia and Antonella Liccardo},
In these lectures we present a detailed description of the origin and of the construction of the boundary state that is now widely used for studying the properties of D branes. 

The Geometry of Fractional D 1-branes

We find explicit solutions of Type IIB string theory on R/Z2 corresponding to the classical geometry of fractional D1-branes. From the supergravity solution obtained, we capture perturbative

The geometry of fractional D1-branes

We find explicit solutions of type IIB string theory on R-4/Z(2) corresponding to the classical geometry of fractional D1-branes. From the supergravity solution obtained, we capture perturbative

Topological Strings and $D$-Branes

In this talk we give a brief review of the algebraic structure behind the open and closed topological strings and $D$-branes and emphasize the role of tensor category and the Frobenius algebra. Also,

Lectures on non-BPS Dirichlet branes

A comprehensive introduction to the boundary state approach to Dirichlet branes is given. Various examples of BPS and non-BPS Dirichlet branes are discussed. In particular, the non-BPS states in the

Gauge instantons from open strings

In this contribution we describe how to obtain instanton effects in four dimensional gauge theories by computing string scattering amplitudes in D3/D(‐1) brane systems. In particular we show that the

Stable non-BPS D-Branes and their Classical Description

We review how to describe the stable non-BPS D-branes of type II string theory from a classical perspective, and discuss the properties of the space-time geometry associated to these configurations.


The fermionic one-loop vacuum energy of the superstring theory in a system of non-parallel D1-branes is derived by applying the path integral formalism.

Decay of Unstable D-branes with Electric Field

Using the techniques of two dimensional conformal field theory we construct time dependent classical solutions in open string theory describing the decay of an unstable D-brane in the presence of



Notes on D-branes

This is a series of remedial lectures on open and unoriented strings for the heterotic string generation. The particular focus is on the interesting features that arise under T-duality---D-branes and

Type I D-particle and its interactions

In a previous paper (hep-th/9808141) we showed that the type I string theory contains a stable non-BPS D-particle carrying SO(32) spinor charge. In this paper we formulate the rules for computing the

Conformal invariance, supersymmetry and string theory


D-brane actions

More about picture-changed vertices in superstring theory

Non-BPS States and Branes in String Theory

We review the recent developments in our understanding of non-BPS states and branes in string theory. The topics include 1) construction of unstable non-BPS D-branes in type IIA and type IIB string

Corrections to D-brane Action and Generalized Boundary State

In this paper, we generalize a boundary state to the one incorporating non-constant gauge field strength as an external background coupled to the boundary of a string worldsheet in bosonic string

BPS D-branes on Non-supersymmetric Cycles

  • A. Sen
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • 1998
In certain regions of the moduli space of K3 and Calabi-Yau manifolds, D-branes wrapped on non-supersymmetric cycles may give rise to stable configurations. We show that in the orbifold limit, some