D-Branes in Orientifolds and Orbifolds and Kasparov KK-Theory

  title={D-Branes in Orientifolds and Orbifolds and Kasparov KK-Theory},
  author={Hugo Garc{\'i}a-Compe{\'a}n and W. Herrera-Su{\'a}rez and Benjam{\'i}n A. Itz{\'a}‐Ortiz and Oscar Loaiza-Brito},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A classification of D-branes in Type IIB Op− orientifolds and orbifolds in terms of Real and equivariant KK-groups is given. We classify D-branes intersecting orientifold planes from which are recovered some special limits such as the spectrum for D-branes on top of Type I Op− orientifold and the bivariant classification of Type I D-branes. The gauge group and transformation properties of the low energy effective field theory living in the corresponding unstable D-brane system are computed by… 

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