D-Brane Wess–Zumino actions, T-Duality and the cosmological constant, Phys. Lett. B382

  title={D-Brane Wess–Zumino actions, T-Duality and the cosmological constant, Phys. Lett. B382},
  author={Michael B. Green and Christopher M. Hull and Paul K. Townsend},
A geometrical formulation of the T-duality rules for type II superstring R ⊗ R fields is presented. This is used to derive the Wess-Zumino terms in superstring D-brane actions, including terms proportional to the mass parameter of the IIA theory, thereby completing partial results in the literature. For non-abelian world-volume gauge groups the massive type IIA D-brane actions contain non-abelian Chern–Simons terms for the Born–Infeld gauge potential, implying a quantization of the IIA… CONTINUE READING
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