D = 4 Gauge Theory Correlators From D = 10 NSR σ - model


In our previous work (hep-th/9812044) we have proposed the sigma-model action , conjectured to be the NSR analogue of superstring theory on AdS5×S. This sigma-model is the NSR superstring action with potential term corresponding to the exotic 5-form vertex operator (branelike state). This 5-form potential plays the role of cosmological term, effectively curving the flat space-time geometry to that of AdS5×S. In this paper we study this ansatz in more details and provide the derivation of the correlators of the four-dimensional super Yang-Mills theory from the above mentioned sigma-model. In particular, we show that the correlation function of two dilaton vertex operators in such a model reproduces the well-known result of the two-point function in the N = 4 four-dimensional super YangMills theory: < F (x)F (y) >∼ N |x−y| .

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