D = 4, N=1, type IIA orientifolds

  title={D = 4, N=1, type IIA orientifolds},
  author={Sotomi Ishihara and Hironobu Kataoka and Hikaru Sato},
We study a $D=4,$ $N=1,$ type IIA orientifold with an orbifold group ${Z}_{N}$ and ${Z}_{N}\ifmmode\times\else\texttimes\fi{}{Z}_{M}.$ We calculate the one-loop vacuum amplitudes for the Klein bottle, cylinder, and M\"obius strip and extract the tadpole divergences. We find that the tadpole cancellation conditions thus obtained are satisfied by the ${Z}_{4},$ ${Z}_{8},$ ${Z}_{8}^{\ensuremath{'}},$ ${Z}_{12}^{\ensuremath{'}}$ orientifolds while there is no solution for ${Z}_{3},$ ${Z}_{7},$ ${Z… CONTINUE READING

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