D = 2+1 N = 2 Yang-Mills Theory From Wrapped Branes

  title={D = 2+1 N = 2 Yang-Mills Theory From Wrapped Branes},
  author={Jordi Mart{\'i}nez Gomis and Jorge G. Russo},
We find a new solution of Type IIB supergravity which represents a collection of D5 branes wrapped on the topologically non-trivial S of the deformed conifold geometry T ∗S3. The Type IIB solution is obtained by lifting a new solution of D = 7 SU(2)L × SU(2)R gauged supergravity to ten dimensions in which SU(2)D gauge fields in the diagonal subgroup are turned on. The supergravity solution describes a slice of the Coulomb branch in the large N limit of N = 2 SYM in three dimensions. 

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