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Développement et surfonctionnement perceptif d'un adulte porteur d'autisme de haut niveau

  title={D{\'e}veloppement et surfonctionnement perceptif d'un adulte porteur d'autisme de haut niveau},
  author={A. Marchand},


Autism-Related Language, Personality, and Cognition in People with Absolute Pitch: Results of a Preliminary Study
Piecemeal information processing, of which AP is an extreme and rare example, is characteristic of autism and may be associated as well with subclinical variants in language and behavior. Expand
[Autistic disorder].
Enhanced discrimination in autism
Children with autism are superior to typically developing children at visual search tasks (O'Riordan, Plaisted, Driver, & Baron-Cohen, in press; Plaisted, O'Riordan, & Baron-Cohen, l998b). This studyExpand
Autism and pitch processing: A precursor for savant musical ability.
Musically naive autistic children were compared with musically naive mental age-matched control subjects for their ability to identify and remember single-note frequencies or speech sounds. As anExpand
Modern Views of Autism
  • E. Fombonne
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Canadian journal of psychiatry. Revue canadienne de psychiatrie
  • 2003
The word “autism” was first used by Bleuler to index a cardinal sign of schizophrenia, and its use to describe the syndrome unfortunately led to 30 years of controversy about the validity of autism as a distinct syndrome vis-vis adult psychoses. Expand
Practitioner review: Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in 2- and 3-year-old children.
  • T. Charman, G. Baird
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplines
  • 2002
Earlier diagnosis and rising recognition of ASD have significant implications for primary healthcare and specialist diagnostic and therapeutic services. Expand
Autism: beyond “theory of mind”
The theory of mind account of autism has been remarkably successful in making specific predictions about the impairments in socialization, imagination and communication shown by people with autism.Expand
Autism: Explaining the Enigma
Preface to the Second Edition. 1. What is Autism? 2. The Enchantment of Autism. 3. Lessons from History. 4. Is there an Autism Epidemic? 5. Mind-reading and Mind-Blindness. 6. Autism Aloneness. 7.Expand
A review of evidence-based early intervention for behavioural problems in children with autism spectrum disorder: the core components of effective programs, child-focused interventions and comprehensive treatment models
Few studies have measured the long-term value and effectiveness of early intervention treatments, and currently there are no articles published on effects into adulthood of such treatments, so research would indicate whether early intervention results in reduced reliance on health services into adulthood. Expand
Pitch discrimination and melodic memory in children with autism spectrum disorders
Background: Pitch perception is enhanced among persons with autism. We extended this finding to memory for pitch and melody among school-aged children. Objective: The purpose of this study was toExpand