Détermination de l’hémoglobine totale par dilution isotopique ICPMS afin d’assurer la traçabilité métrologique en biochimie clinique

  title={D{\'e}termination de l’h{\'e}moglobine totale par dilution isotopique ICPMS afin d’assurer la traçabilit{\'e} m{\'e}trologique en biochimie clinique},
  author={M Luis Palos and Maria Estela Del Castillo Busto and Florence Pannier and Claudia Swart and Christine Brauckman and Paola Fisicaro},
The main objective of this study is the development of reference measurement procedures for the determination of total haemoglobin (Hb) in blood based by ID-ICPMS. First of all, a characterization of a Hb standard is carried out via total iron analysis by double ID-ICPMS. This standard will be used as a primary calibration solution in order to ensure the traceability of the measurement results. The validation of this method was conducted by the analysis of the CRM JCCRM 912–1 (ReCCS) certified… CONTINUE READING

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