Cytotoxicity of two autopolymerized acrylic resins used in orthodontics.


OBJECTIVE To test in vitro the null hypothesis that the toxic effect of different acrylic resins used in orthodontics cannot be reduced when a prior elution is performed. MATERIALS AND METHODS Three established cell lines were used (HeLa, NIH3T3, and Hep2) and cultured under standard conditions. Resin segments were immersed in a culture medium and left to… (More)
DOI: 10.2319/072407-343.1


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@article{Gonalves2008CytotoxicityOT, title={Cytotoxicity of two autopolymerized acrylic resins used in orthodontics.}, author={Tatiana Siqueira Gonçalves and Virg{\'i}nia Minghelli Schmitt and M. Thomas and Maria Antonieta Lopes de Souza and Luciane Macedo de Menezes}, journal={The Angle orthodontist}, year={2008}, volume={78 5}, pages={926-30} }