Cytotoxicity of spergualin and amine oxidase activity in medium.

  title={Cytotoxicity of spergualin and amine oxidase activity in medium.},
  author={Setsuko Kunimoto and Koichi Miura and Hironobu Iinuma and Tomio Takeuchi and Hamao Umezawa},
  journal={The Journal of antibiotics},
  volume={38 7},
The cytotoxicity of spergualin on cultured L5178Y cells is dependent on the kind of serum contained in culture media. Spergualin has stronger cytotoxicity to L5178Y cells in calf serum (IC50 = 2 micrograms/ml) than in horse serum (IC50 = 60 micrograms/ml). This was thought to be caused by amine oxidase in sera. Because calf serum was rich in amine oxidase and horse serum was very poor. Spergualin was found to be oxidized by either calf serum or amine oxidase purified from beef plasma… CONTINUE READING