Cytotoxicity of some indium radiopharmaceuticals in mouse testes.

  title={Cytotoxicity of some indium radiopharmaceuticals in mouse testes.},
  author={Dandamudi V Rao and Kasibhatia Sastry and H E Grimmond and Roger W. Howell and G F Govelitz and Venkata Lanka and V B Mylavarapu},
  journal={Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine},
  volume={29 3},
The biological effects of [111In]oxine, [111In]citrate, and [114mIn]citrate localized in mouse testes as well as the effects of external x-rays are investigated. The in vivo radiotoxicity of [111In] oxine is far greater than the chemotoxicity of oxine. Of these radiolabeled compounds, [111In] oxine is the most effective in reducing the sperm-head population, the mean lethal dose (D37) to the organ being about 0.16 Gy at 37% survival of the sperm heads. The corresponding values of D37 for [111In… CONTINUE READING

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