Cytotoxicity, cytogenotoxicity and allergenicity tests on certain pyrethroids.

  title={Cytotoxicity, cytogenotoxicity and allergenicity tests on certain pyrethroids.},
  author={H. Hoellinger and A Lecorsier and Michelle Sonnier and C. L. L{\'e}ger and Do-Cao-Thang and Nguyen-Hoang-Nam},
  journal={Drug and chemical toxicology},
  volume={10 3-4},
Pyrethroids are potent synthetic insecticides which have been increasingly employed in recent years. Such compounds have been shown to bind covalently to hepatic proteins. Covalent binding is often associated with toxic effects. Possible cytotoxic, cytogenotoxic and allergenic effects could be due to covalent binding of these compounds and/or their metabolites to endogenous macromolecules. In the present paper we examine possible cytotoxic effects of certain pyrethroids on human lymphocytes and… CONTINUE READING