Cytotoxic steroids from Polyporus umbellatus.

  title={Cytotoxic steroids from Polyporus umbellatus.},
  author={Ying-Yong Zhao and Xu Chao and Yongmin Zhang and Ruichao Lin and Wen-ji Sun},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={76 15},
The steroids ergone (1), (22E, 24R)-ergosta-7,22-dien-3β-ol (2), 5α,8α-epidioxy-(22E,24R) -ergosta-6,22-dien-3β-ol (3), ergosta-6,22-dien-3β,5α,6β-triol (4), and polyporusterone B (5) were isolated from Polyporus umbellatus by bioassay-guided approach. They showed potent anticancer activity against HepG2 cells. Ergone displayed remarkable anticancer activity against HepG2, Hep-2, and Hela cancer cells, of which HepG2 cells were the most sensitive. Furthermore, the cytotoxic effects of ergone on… CONTINUE READING

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