Cytotoxic naphthoquinones and plumbagic acid glucosides from Plumbago zeylanica.

  title={Cytotoxic naphthoquinones and plumbagic acid glucosides from Plumbago zeylanica.},
  author={Lie-Chwen Lin and Ling-ling Yang and C Chou},
  volume={62 4},
Two plumbagic acid glucosides, 3'-O-beta-glucopyranosyl plumbagic acid and 3'-O-beta-glucopyranosyl plumbagic acid methylester along with five naphthoquinones (plumbagin, chitranone, maritinone, elliptinone and isoshinanolone), and five coumarins (seselin, 5-methoxyseselin, suberosin, xanthyletin and xanthoxyletin) were isolated from the roots of Plumbago zeylanica. All coumarins were not previously found in this plant. Cytotoxicity of these compounds to various tumor cells lines was evaluated… CONTINUE READING
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