Cytotoxic effect of potato aspartic proteases (StAPs) on Jurkat T cells.

  title={Cytotoxic effect of potato aspartic proteases (StAPs) on Jurkat T cells.},
  author={Julieta R. Mendieta and Carmela Fimognari and Gustavo Ra{\'u}l Daleo and Patrizia Hrelia and Mar{\'i}a Gabriela Guevara},
  volume={81 5},
StAPs are potato aspartic proteases with cytotoxic activity against plant pathogens and spermatozoa. StAPs cytotoxic activity is selective, since these proteins do not exert toxic effect on plant cells and erythrocytes. In this work, we investigated the capacity of StAPs to exert cytotoxicity on human leukaemia cells. Obtained results show that StAPs induce apoptosis on Jurkat T cells after a short time of incubation in a dose-dependent manner. However, no significative effect on the T… CONTINUE READING